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Exquisite Chihuahua Puppies For Sale

California Chihuahuas

Read All Info Below To Reserve One Of Our Puppies

Quality bred Chihuahuas are not inexpensive.

I am sure you can find a Chihuahua puppies for a much lower price but please remember you get what you pay for.
Quality bred Chihuahuas are not inexpensive. When you find puppies listed at a low price you may be supporting puppy mills by purchasing Chihuahuas from someone who is not a Reputable Chihuahua Breeder.
A back yard breeder or puppy mill, breeds anything they can get there hands on just to make an extra buck.
They are not concerned about the health or quality of the dog. And they are certainly not interested in improving the breed. They don't take the time to socialize their puppies properly and don't give the puppies a good quality beginning in life. A good breeder will pay top dollar for their own dogs they are breeding. And only breed dogs with no known health problems. They will give the puppies a great start in life by tenderly socializing the puppy and feed the pup outstanding quality pet food and vitamins for optimal health

Trying to save money by buying a low cost puppy from a backyard breeder or puppy mill, may end up costing you in the end. By paying for it later in Vet bills and possibly training a pup that has social issues. You would be better off saving money by going to a shelter to adopt and save one of those poor pups that was badly bred by an irresponsible person.

Our puppies are responsibly bred by AKC Champion Line Parents. They are tenderly handled daily are given the utmost care and nurturing. They will be very well adjusted when they go home. They are also given optimal nutrition with the high quality food and Vitamins we give them. 

What Do Our Puppies Come With

All puppies will come with Toy, Collar, Sample Of food and Sample of  NuVet Vitamins. Blanket 1 -5 in 1 shot,  and be dewormed. They will as go home with Limited AKC papers,  and a 1 year Health Guarantee.

Our Prices

Our Puppies Price Range From $900- $2400 depending on the puppies size, color, coat style

We ask for a non refundable deposit of $300.00 to reserve a puppy.


Please note: I do not hold puppies with out a deposit
Under no circumstances will we hold a puppy without a deposit.
Even if you have an appointment this will not HOLD a pup.
So if you see a puppy you really like, you can reserve a puppy by filling out our form and submitting a deposit.
I will accept the first deposit that is placed on the pup as long as it is to a approved home.
Thank You!

If you Are Ready to Reserve A Puppy Read Below

*Feel free to contact us if you have any question about adopting one of our puppies.

**If you know for certain that you want to adopt a puppy from us, then you must read our Puppy Purchase Agreement, it list our adoption Requirements.
If you meet our requirements, and agree to our purchase agreement, then you can proceed in making a reservation by filling out the "reservation form" below.

**Note: All request for reservation must be accompanied by a deposit.
And when reserving a future litter please fill free to text us to confirm if a particular spot is still open. Thank you.

Chihuahua Purchase Agreement

California Chihuahua's Reservation Form

You must read and agree to our "Puppy Purchase Agreement" above to reserve one of our Puppies. Only fill out this reservation form if you are reserving a puppy. A Deposit must be submitted along with this form to complete a reservation. Thank You!

This Reservation Is For

Finish Your Reservation By Placing A $300.00  Deposit Here

Click PayPal link below to place your $300.00 deposit.

Remaining balance must be paid in cash or certified cashiers check. from Wells Fargo, US Bank, Chase, Or Bank Of America

What To Expect When you Visit Us

We have a strict requirement of all our guests, and this is only for the safety of or puppies.
We kindly ask that you do NOT go to see other puppies any
where else in the same day before coming to our home.
 This is one of the ways the deadly Parvo Virus gets spread as well as other Viruses.
A very common way puppies get Parvo is from people bringing the Virus to them on their clothes and shoes.
Parvo can be picked up from kennels, contaminated side walks and grass and then
tracked in on your clothes or the soles of your shoes.

  •  We may ask that you step into very shallow solution of bleach and water. Or ask that the bottom of your shoes are sprayed with Lysol spay that we will provide. Because of this please wear shoes that you will not mind having this done to.
  • Also we may ask that hand sanitizer is used before petting our puppies, if you have other pets at home. We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring, but we love our puppies and we will do everything we can to keep them safe from deadly viruses. Thank you for understanding.